Unity of Community

Brooklyn Rappe, News Editor

The first Friday of November will from now on be dedicated to celebrating the Saugus community and remembering the lives we lost that November morning two years ago. In an interview with our respected Principal Mrs. Peterson Henry, she explains the reasoning for why this date was chosen. “We wanted to make sure we set aside time each year to honor those we lost and our collective healing journey. We worked with students, parents, teachers, and our district support team and together we came up with the idea of designating the first Friday in November as a time to celebrate our Unity of Community.”

Photo taken by Ryan Vasquez
Students and parents coming to support the Saugus community and enjoying Mrs. Peterson Henry giving her speech.

As a transfer student from Canyon high school I wasn’t present during the time of the shooting, but I understood the importance of this event just as much as the students sitting around me. My voice felt heard and I felt the love from those participating as well as those just coming to watch. Mrs. Peterson Henry shares the value in saying that “We have a wonderful community. Taking time to acknowledge that, honor those we miss, and celebrate our healing are important to help our community to continue to grow and move forward.” 

During the event, our very own Mrs. Peterson Henry and former Principal Mr. Ferry gave beautiful speeches on how Saugus has come together to support one another in a time we need it most. ROTC performed the Pledge of Allegiance led by Andrew Gardetto with the help of the Saugus band. Choir serenaded the audience with a song lead by Mia Tretta. Following the song, Mia bravely gave an inspiring speech that moved the entire crowd. The Saugus dance team performed a well rehearsed routine and to finish off the event, Saugus alumni Katie Thanaet gave a final speech wrapping up the beauty of Saugus and importance of this event. 

Photo provided by Brooklyn Rappe
Mia Tretta singing in the Saugus Choir alongside her support dog Brandy.

Mrs. Peterson Henry mentions those who did not attend: “We intentionally planned the event at a time that was convenient, but not mandatory. Each person’s healing journey is unique. Some people were ready and needed to attend our Unity of Community event. Other people felt more comfortable viewing it virtually, and some chose not to participate at all. Each option is ok.” This celebration has brought the Saugus community even closer together and in the future, students should be proud to say they graduated from such an incredible high school. Not because we have stellar grades or above average test scores, but because the Saugus community is not just a school, it is a family and one I am honored to be a part of.