Battle of the Streaming Services

Alyssa Lyons, Staff writer

Do you like music? Do you like podcasts? Which platform do students prefer to listen to music on? Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Youtube, or other streaming services? Some of the most popular streaming services are Spotify and Apple Music being the most used among streamers.

Spotify is free for every user, but ads become annoying when skips are limited. Spotify Premium, a paid membership plan, can offer unlimited skips, downloaded music, and no ads. There are a couple different plans which depict costs: the first plan is an individual plan for $9.99 a month for one account. The next plan is a Duo plan which is $12.99 a month for two accounts. The third planis the family plan which is $15.99 for 6 accounts. Finally, the last plan is a student plan which is $4.99 which has one account. As you can see there are many different plans at different prices which makes it easier to pick for your situation. 

Apple Music, on the other hand, is not free for every user, which may be why it isn’t as widely used as Spotify.The plans from Apple Music include: a student plan for $4.99 a month, but does not include everything the service has to offer. Secondly, they have an individual plan for $9.99 and includes almost everything.Lastly they have a family plan which is $14.99 a month. 

So which one is superior ? Spotify seems to have more to offer which for the long run, allows you to get your money’s worth out of it.