Warmth of the Desert Sea

Grace Balena, Freelance

Spoons, spatulas, and scattered sea-glass,

Blisters burning and bruised knees to class;

Worn denim patiently listens,

Waxy lights flicker and glisten.


Stumbling on eroded asphalt,

Haunted pale shadows finding fault;

Leeching drains, the dry rivers,

One cage to another; sorrow delivers.


But stucco walls, glowing warm,

To enfold and embrace against the storm,

Biting morning air held at bay,

Huddled friends deprive concrete of gray.


Comforting affection pools in her eye,

Valleys bountiful—forgiven lies,

Sycamore leaves float and blow kisses to you,

Rosy flush; desert sky blushing blue.


Murmur and buzz soft symphony,

Near angels’ honey harmony;

Tangerine-orange butterflies,

Crown the skies above our pint-sized paradise.


Cradles to crawling, enchanting home—

Patrons bubbly and bright as sea foam,

Over silky sands the salty wind blows,

Centurions created from the colorful cosmos.