Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Anna Kerdoon, Staff Writer

Maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important for various reasons. When people hear the word “healthy” they think of eating vegetables and flavorless foods. However, that is not the case. Practicing a healthy diet is all about enjoying one’s food and digesting important nutrients. Listed below are many ways individuals can improve what they eat and how they eat. 

First of all, it is important to maintain a proportional diet. This means not eating too much or too little. Students should eat three meals a day to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients and energy that their body needs. When one does not consume enough food, it can be physically and mentally harmful, causing one to become weak and tired. However, consuming too much food can lead to heartburn and other illnesses.

Next, while every meal is beneficial, breakfast is arguably the most essential. According to an article titled, “Why Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day,” “People who eat breakfast show an increase in physical activity throughout their mornings than people who skip it.” In addition, if one plays a sport, it is crucial for the individual to have the energy they need to perform well without fatiguing their bodies.  If students are uncertain about what to eat for healthy breakfast meals, 60 Healthy Breakfast Ideas Recipe offers 60 delicious recipes. 

Third of all, it is important to cut off preservatives and fast foods. Preserved foods are made to last for a long time without spoiling, which makes them unhealthy. Avoiding all unhealthy foods may seem impossible, which is why students can try the 80/20 method. This method is where one can eat 20% of whatever they want and 80% of nutrient-filled, healthy foods. According to an article titled, “The 80/20 Rule—Eat Healthy and Have Your Cake, Too!,” “Eating 80/20 is more ‘real-life’ and easier to follow than other diet plans because it allows one to enjoy their favorite foods in moderation while eating healthy at the same time.”

As listed above, there are many ways to maintain a healthy diet – some of which include proportion, a healthy breakfast, and cutting back on preservatives. It is important to note that going on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean completely restricting one’s favorite foods. Maintaining a healthy diet simply means eating the foods one loves while protecting their body from harmful chemicals like preservatives. It is necessary for students to take proper care of their bodies, for they only get one after all.