Outer Crown Part 1

Bryant Montgomery, Staff writer

“It sometimes scares me how the Inner Crown has such incredible power over an entire universe. They told us the power of a resident in the Inner Crown is equal to that of one million. We were told they are gods, non-human,so ascended in fact that any force we threw at them, they would crush back with a thousand times the power. Sadly it is somewhat true, but their hubris will make them fall one million times harder, as I have killed a thousand and I’ll teach you how to do it.”

Pearl Rebellion

L0g. 1 -Trouble At Home-

EVERYONE QUIET DOWN. I’M DOING A LOG一一Oh, it’s on now ok. So the best place to start is the beginning of our last mission. We left the previous planet about three days ago.

Billions of stars were flying past us at each moment. No place could break such laws of physics except the hypersurface. The concept of now is so complex that no one could understand it. The place where the past is always and the future is never.

Sadly, I turned off the generator, and the darkness of space was all that could be seen through the hydrocarbon mirror with small galaxies in the far distance.

That was when I started to wonder where the rest of the fleet was as our target would be here any minute. I screamed to my first mate.

“HEY, 1-Diot, when will the rest of the fleet arrive?”

Surprisingly it’s not pronounced idiot, as he didn’t respond back even though it was loud enough that it echoed throughout the ship’s halls.

The 1-Diot species is weird, even for the outer crown. I’ve only ever seen them on one planet, and when I saw their capital city with my two incredibly beautiful pupils, I saw a star port. They’ve already developed the technology to travel beyond their system, I thought. Like, who does that? But I soon found out that one of their leaders went on one of their ships which promptly exploded, causing them to strictly regulate who and what leaves and enters their planet. 

Anyways, when I first visited, I was attacked. With my stealth abilities I was able to avoid what I presume were the authorities. I wandered around the city where I eventually left their walls, trying to get back to my ship. 

I got lost in the forest that surrounded it, where I found a small basket with an equally small child inside. There was a tiny piece of paper with something weird, almost looking like the writing 1-Diot, so I just went with that and here we are, a father and his adopted son.

After a while, 1-Diot called back, “They sent a communication. The Amphite council is calling all the operators back to the home system.”

I asked why and he said, “I have no clue, it didn’t say.”

With my comm I signaled to the rest of my crew to get ready as we were heading back home.

Through the beautiful hypersurface and after a few hours we were there. The system was filled with fourteen habitable planets and an elegant orange star at its center. Araconic, the main planet, housed the rich executives. It was lushous with silver cities, made even more noticeable with bright lights dotted throughout. Satellites, sky hooks, plasma turrets, and small moons orbited the planet; defender ports on those small moons were filled with Rakonic-3 ships all the way to Rakonic-7s, swarming the atmosphere, a perfect citadel to house the head honchos of the greatest cartel known in the great crown.

 Araconic wasn’t mine to land on as we are wyverins, an elite group of fighters that fought enemy cartel ships on or near the pearl planets, places full of kannabinoid crystal and mushroom which can be turned into the ever so addictive akina, a drug that turns mind into a person’s own personal heaven. Anyways, where we went instead was Taralia, a smaller planet a bit farther from the star, and arguably the more beautiful planet as it had a shimmering ocean that covered 86% of the plane, with water almost as clear as glass.

Just after the spaceport assessed us to land, a giant asteroid might as well have crushed the planet, because twenty armadas worth of ships appeared after going down the hypersurface. That’s approximately 2,600 ships!

Chaos broke loose as the Rakonic ships in the atmosphere fell into formation and fell just as quickly to the rain of laser fire. The plasma turrets had no chance. A flurry of ships emerged out of the fourteen planets where they fought helplessly as they were outnumbered. All the while I dodged and weaved waiting for the crew to get the hypersurface generator repaired. 

Missiles erupted from all the planets with laser cannons on the ground, firing at anything they could. They wouldn’t go down without a fight. After about four hours, large transportation ships with armies were landing on Taralia as well as the other habitable planets. Araconic fought the hardest, with the battle above its atmosphere lasting about five days. The planet fell after nine, ending the cartel’s reign.

I almost wouldn’t have known who our attackers were until I saw one last ship go down the hypersurface, the Black Opal. A gargantuan of a ship decked out with all sorts of almost impenetrable materials; it provided support fire on six planets with its incredible range. Operations deep within the Inner Crown wanted us gone bad, but how they knew our location is still a mystery I’ve yet to solve; though there’s hope still on the horizon to avenge my fallen companions as I’ve encountered a clue as to who called us back. 

After a few contacts, someone traced the connection that hacked the Araconic comms system, using it to send the message. A communicator saw it; it came from a planet called Reeva. 

Many lives dedicated themselves to the Araconic system and the cartel itself. Refugees of the rusted land wars, victims of Inner Crown repression, and survivors of countless massacres, rose up and created a life for themselves, and now all that hard work is gone? It’s time we get revenge. We’ve rallied some survivors and are ready to burn Reeva to the ground.

Wyverin Jaxin Decater over and out.