Expose: Fiends

Anaisa Castillo, Staff writer

If “sorrys” are meant to alter the damages induced, whether it be by a whole or a sliver. If a simple word can bring about a message that expresses the sorrow of the perpetrator and mend the intentional or unintentional tears created within the undeserving soul. Then why do the fiends that caused the damage refuse to say it? Maybe because the fiend is apprehensive of using such a word. Not because the fiend is in utter bliss of its work. But because a “sorry” expresses sorrow, it not only shows vulnerability but welcomes susceptibility. Susceptibility to what though? To everything…disloyalty, neglect, manipulation, replacement, and attachment. Given the title “fiend”, the first thoughts are to be corrupt humans; inclusion to these individuals willingly putting themselves under this division. Evil, wicked, wrong, cold and heartless. To call these “Monsters” human would only be done by those influenced by stupidity. Wrong. Those who look beyond the given description of “fiend” would often see that it is a mirage. This so-called “Monster” is nothing but a cover. Created by the individual to hide behind. Because behind this imitation, is another undeserving soul suffering in agony and fear. To presume all supposed insensitive people to be nothing but and nothing more than a fiend is to only then be truly influenced by stupidity.