Edward vs. Jacob, Twilight Saga Rivalry

Whos the superior suitor, Jacob or Edward?

Who’s the superior suitor, Jacob or Edward?

Madi Hollinger, Staff Writer

With the return of the popular “Twilight” franchise to Netflix, people are racing to their couches to binge for hours on end. Within a week, the movies have claimed several spots in the Netflix “Most Watched” category. As this movie franchise peaks the interest in so many new fans, it once again proposes the essential question, Team Edward or Team Jacob? In order to make a decision, the pros and cons of both steamy characters must be taken into consideration. 

Team Edward:

There are many pros of 100 year old vampire Edward Cullen. Edward maintains the good-looks of a young man, with a more updated maturity level. Edward also has an undying love for Bella and is constantly concerned for her well-being and safety. However, coming from a judgmental family of vampires makes it hard for outsiders to fit in. Edward would also be the worst companion for trips to the beach as he must always avoid the sun. 

Team Jacob:

The dreamy werewolf, Jacob Black, could not be any more different from Edward. As an interesting and loyal friend, Jacob is always around to protect those whom he loves. It takes a while to understand Jacob and get to know him, but viewers quickly understand that he is crucial to the story, and has a good heart. A flaw that Jacob possesses is his anger issues. These immense issues can lead to dangerous situations, and irrational decisions. 

 With the information provided, I would choose Edward. He is a better companion, and is always loyal. He is a trusted ally until the very end. Edward cares about his family over anything and always has an uplifting attitude, while Jacob comes with some underlying anger issues that may cause future problems. Although they are both very good characters to consider, it is clear that Edward is the better option.