Influences of Planets: Retrogrades

Grace Pollard, Staff writer

The space beyond is so much more than just rocks floating around. Astrology has gained a lot of recognition over the past year, but is commonly not looked at past zodiac signs. Retrogrades greatly affect the daily lives of each individual, yet many are unaware of what retrogrades even are.


Scientifically, a retrograde occurs once the earth reaches its closest point to a planet, thus appearing as if the planet begins to move in the opposite direction. However, this is just an illusion caused by the earth moving so much faster and lapping the planet.

How does this phenomenon affect individuals personally though? It all depends on the planet that is in action. 

The infamous Mercury retrograde occurs first in 2021, spanning from January 30th to February 20th and then twice more later into the year. Mercury rules intellect and communication. Consequently, this event causes mistakes, misunderstandings, indecisiveness, and electrical problems.

The next retrograde, Saturn, begins on May 23rd and lasts until October 10th. Saturn rules one’s boundaries, habits, and fears, so individuals will find themselves looking back and revising how recent issues were handled. Jupiter’s retrograde begins June 20th and ends October 17th. This planet represents growth, fortune, and higher education. Therefore, many will experience encouragement to apply new ideas to current situations. 

Neptune’s retrograde follows shortly after on June 25th until December 1st. Neptune represents fantasy, illusion, and creativity, so during this retrograde period, individuals will find themselves desiring to take off those rose-colored glasses and regain perspective.

The Uranus retrograde is from August 19th to January 18th, 2022. Although Uranus is an outer planet, it surprisingly has a large effect on individuals’ current situations. Uranus’ effects are often psychological, and individuals should prepare for philosophical or emotional evolutions.

Later in the year comes Venus’ retrograde, which begins December 19th and lasts till January 29th, 2022. As most people know, Venus represents relationships and love. This retrograde will be in Capricorn so one will most likely catch themselves longing to resolve issues with bosses, teachers, colleagues, or peers.

Astrology is much more than just zodiacs. American astrologer, author, and lecturer Steven Forrest once said, “Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.” Consider the planets and their retrogrades next time you’re reading your daily horoscopes.