Pacific Theaters & ArcLight Cinemas To Shut Down


Photo Courtesy of Los Angeles Times

Iconic dome of Arclight cinemas

Shaine Salonga, The Scroll, Staff Writer

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on many businesses and franchises. Unfortunately, one of the victims of this ongoing pandemic is the famous and beloved cinemas, ArcLight and Pacific Theaters. 

The Decurion Corporation is the parent company of both Pacific Theaters and ArcLight Cinemas. Pacific Theaters was a chain of movie theaters founded in 1946. They had over 300 screens, and were located in the metropolitan area of California. ArcLight Cinemas were multiplexes with reserved stadium-style seating and ushers, founded in 2002. ArcLight’s Cinerama dome in Hollywood has always been considered a famous tourist spot in Los Angeles ever since it was founded by the Pacific Theaters founder in 1963. 

During quarantine, movie watchers have been using Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and several other online platforms to watch movies from home instead of watching at theaters. This is because most movie theaters and many businesses in America were closed temporarily in March 2020 for COVID-19 safety measures. However, several businesses can no longer go forth due to the money loss the pandemic has caused. 

Unfortunately, The Decurion Corporation is also shutting down for the same reason. Therefore, ArcLight and Pacific Theaters are not being reopened once the pandemic is over and are closing permanently.

“After shutting our doors more than a year ago, today we must share the difficult and sad news that Pacific will not be reopening its ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres locations,” Pacific Theatres announced on April 12, 2021.“This was not the outcome anyone wanted, but despite a huge effort that exhausted all potential options, the company does not have a viable way forward.” 

Many are upset about these cinemas closing and are expressing their frustration and sadness on social media. 

Famous director James Gunn stated on Twitter, “I’m gutted. The ArcLight has been an amazing support to cinema in LA. I’ll miss talking to the employees about their favorite films, which they had listed on their name tags. The theaters have been an integral part of so many key moments in my life, I’ll miss them forever.”

Another famous Hollywood director, Rian Johnson, has said on his social media, “Well this sucks. Every single person who worked at the Arclight loved movies, and you felt it. Sending love to every usher, manager and projectionist who rocked that blue shirt and made it such a special place.”

After serving many Americans for several years, Pacific Theaters and ArcLight Cinemas are finally getting put to rest. Many will forever remember the cherished memories spent at these movie theaters.