Hart District Board Members Considering Canceling Sports


Image Courtesy of Saugus

All sports and form of competition are set to be cancelled after claims of violence.

Madeline Del Rio, The Scroll, Wellness Editor

It is no secret that violence and racism are great issues in the world. Though some might argue that these problems have improved throughout history, physical and social brutality have not been eradicated. Hart District Board Members have realized that teaching kids in sports to beat other schools and sometimes even inflict pain on other students as in football, may be contributing to the violence that remains in the world. Board Members are seriously considering canceling all athletics that are highly competitive to promote peace and love.

“We love watching and playing sports,” Principal Vince Ferry expressed when interviewed. “But if you really think about it, we love watching people get hurt and beaten in these activities. It’s honestly sick that we find entertainment in watching football players crash into each other. Participating in these sports and being the one that is actually paining other students is even worse. High impact sports like football can no longer be permitted as we cannot endorse violence.”

While football is first and foremost on the list of sports to eliminate, all other sports are being questioned as well. In previous cross country races, some have reported viewing runners elbowing and tripping each other. In tennis matches, balls have been propelled at player’s faces, and soccer players have been bruised by balls kicked at them. While participating in generally any sport, players can easily find ways to harm others and are at risk of getting injured by others themselves. Some teachers and board members claim that allowing any athletic activity to continue applauds violence and aggression.

11th grade student at Saugus, Jackson Lopez, claimed, “To be honest, I haven’t really thought about how much ferocity happens in sports. Some of the most violent people in the world were probably high school students at one point, and they may have been conditioned to believe that fighting against others is okay due to sports. I’m honestly in favor of getting rid of them because I want world peace.”

Reformed athletes celebrate newfound peace and love (Image by The Scroll photography)

School psychologist Diana Revira was in favor of the eradication of sports when interviewed. “Many criminals once participated in athletics, or played sports with neighbors and friends. It is possible that a competitive nature was developed in these activities and they began to believe that they must do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Drilling these ideas in the heads of young students is dangerous, as they can grow up to believe that violence and injuries are alright if they ‘win,’”, Rivera informed. 

While there is accuracy to these statements, others believe that eliminating sports is a dramatic action when other solutions for violence can be offered. Most Saugus students generally disagreed with the possibility of eradicating athletics when interviewed.

“Our physical health is extremely important,” volleyball player Katherine Johansen implored. “Without any sports, we will be promoting obesity and laziness. Sports teach us to work hard and reach high goals. They’re not all about violence and the harming of others. Good qualities such as trusting and depending on team mates, and not giving up but striving to achieve our goals, are found through sports.”

“The fact that board members are considering canceling athletics is completely insane,” cross country runner Julie Sanders declared.  “Like calm down. We’re not going to become murderers just because we played a sport. Penalties are given in sports when players harm others, and sometimes it even causes them to be disqualified. It’s not like sports endorse violence. Maybe increase the consequences if a player hurts someone else, but completely eliminating all sports is crazy.”

Clearly, there are mixed opinions about the canceling of all sports. Some believe athletics endorse violence and allowing them to continue is permitting aggression. However, others claim that sports teach students important life lessons and players that harm others are punished, not supported, in these activities. 

Ultimately, all students must hold their breaths as board members make their decision about allowing sports to continue or not during the next board meeting. If sports are canceled, there is reason to believe that any competition, including in the academic classroom and in band and choir, will also be eliminated.


April Fools! All stories published today on The Scroll are satire. None of the facts, quotes, or details in the story above are true and should not be taken as fact.