Dunkin Donuts to Introduce New Drink Named After Principal Ferry

Billy Bones, The Scroll, Funny Writer

Dunkin Donuts has announced its partnership with Saugus High School to create “The Ferry,” a new drink named after Principal Vince Ferry. 

The franchise has continued to sponsor influential individuals by featuring new drinks inspired by the person’s favorite combination or signature order. 

The newest addition to the line includes The Ferry, which is set to be available after Spring Break in all Dunkin Donut stores nationwide. 

“Coffee is the staple of any principal’s diet,” stated Ferry. “I am so excited to announce this partnership and continue to grow the Ferry/Saugus brand.”

As an aspiring influencer, Ferry’s partnership with Dunkin represents a step towards nationwide fame, but Ferry has vowed to stay humble and remember his Saugus roots. 

The recipe balances the need for caffeine shared by all school staff and personnel with a bit of flair that can be enjoyed by students as well. All drinks come with a personalized Ferry mug and a guaranteed 50 new followers on your choice of social media.

Students who share their orders of The Ferry on social media or Flipgrid with the hashtag #DunkinWithFerry will receive a shoutout on SNN and be entered in a prize raffle for the chance to win a follow from Principal Ferry on Instagram.


April Fools! All stories published today on The Scroll are satire. None of the facts, quotes, or details in the story above are true and should not be taken as fact.