Five Ways To Survive Your Zoom Classes


Imagine courtesy of Speexx

Most people have already reached their zoom fatigue and wonder how to last another 75 minutes on a zoom lecture. Here are some helpful tips.

Kelly Zarate, The Scroll, Co-Editor in Chief

Ever since students around the world have switched to an online format due to the coronavirus pandemic, the constant struggle most are facing is staying awake through your lecture. The agonizing 75 minute meetings make it very easy to switch your camera off, and mute, but most teachers ask for students to have their camera on.  So fear not fellow Centurions, The Scroll, ever so graciously, put together a list that could help pass the time in zoom.


  1. Rewatch The Office for the fifth time.

Obviously the most sensible solution. What could be better than running another tab behind Zoom and watching one of the best television shows ever created instead of paying attention to your teacher talk about symbolism in To Kill a Mockingbird. 


2. Treat class like a podcast!

Why not just do the chores around your house while carrying your laptop with you everywhere you go? You could make yourself breakfast, clean your room, or finally work on those late assignments you’ve been procrastinating on. Although if you do this step, make sure to turn your camera off otherwise it could result in an embarrassing outcome.


        3. Have an existential crisis about your future.

With so much time and a boring lecture ahead of you, it’s easy to start worrying about your future. Start planning ahead for what your future might look like, such as what will happen after high school? What college will I go to? What will I major in? Where will I live? What am I doing with my life? I’ll leave you to ponder on these questions.


          4. Rewatch The Office for the sixth time.

Again, this one is pretty obvious. You enjoyed watching it again, so why not watch it just one more time. I’m sure by now you can recite the lines along with Michael Scott.


          5. Actually try paying attention.

I know what you may be thinking. Why would I do that? Believe it or not, the teachers are expecting students to take notes and engage with the class. This little-known fact makes it easier to concentrate on what your teacher is saying and allows you to actually understand the concept of what you are learning. Although in order to get through this step, a few cups of coffee are required. 


However you choose to spend your time in class, hopefully these helpful tips will inspire you to roll out of bed for your Zoom class.