Stranger Things Drive-Thru Experience and Review

Courtesy of Stranger Things Drive Into Website

Courtesy of Stranger Things Drive Into Website

Kylie McLean, The Scroll, Staff Writer

The popular Netflix Original Stranger Things has a themed drive-into experience where the fans of the show can relive some of the best moments from the series. commented, “It’s kind of like a drive-in movie theater, a haunted house, and an escape room combined.” In October 2020, fans were able to go to this activity based on the show and they can still attend this event. 

The drive-into website,, stated, “In central DTLA location, you’ll dive into and explore a living, breathing story to savour some of the best moments from the series and maybe even witness some unforeseen and unusual occurrences.” This experience is about one hour long, located in downtown Los Angeles, and is definitely worth the wait. 

The adventure has the standard or VIP access. In the standard access there is the one hour experience and the access to the Hawkins Online Portal. The VIP access includes that, as well as the team to welcome you in, first track entry, and a mystery box filled with lots of merchandise and snacks. also provided other information about the experience. They included that the recommended age is 13 years and up, there is an optional dress code related to the show, and your car should have the ability to tune into a radio with FM. There are also snacks and drinks that can be bought online at the beginning of the event, and people can purchase exclusive merchandise. They also listed highlights from the event including that the audience moves through iconic sets, will encounter their favorite characters, experience memorable scenes and uncover hidden secrets. More important information about the event can be found in´s article and the and websites. also stated, “Expect real-life locations from the series and mind-blowing audio and visual effects. This adventure is an Eleven out of 10!” Myself and another Saugus High ninth-grade student, Natalia Diaz, went to the event. “The experience was so fun!” she stated. There were so many fun and exciting aspects about the experience and it is an amazing way to start off 2021.

People who are interested in the show Stranger Things can look into this experience, however tickets run low and need to be purchased in advance. noted that the experience currently runs through March 2021. The experience is COVID-19 friendly and meets all the safety guidelines for a safe experience. This is a fun event put together for fans and is a great way to spend the day.