Joining the UCSB M.E.N.T.O.R. Board


Photo courtesy of Hau MENTOR Board

The University of California, Santa Barbara hosts a MENTOR program for students in search of scholarships.

Alice Mancilla, Co-Editor In Chief

Hermanas Unidas Making Educational Networks That Open Roads (HAU MENTOR) is a program that provides a series of virtual meetings for students to find out about colleges.
High school students can learn about scholarships, A-G requirements, financial aid, and college culture. Throughout these meetings there will be engaging and fun activities to meet new people and also allows students to learn about their future. Hau is a Latinx-based organization, but students from different backgrounds are welcome to attend and apply to this meeting.
Normally, MENTOR would be taking place on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) where applicants would stay for a 3 day and 2-night college experience. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event will take place through multiple online meetings in April.
Even if a student does not plan to attend a UC school, this event will be helpful to all students whether attending community college, a public or private university, or an Ivy League.
Also, multiple people who have attended this event have enjoyed their experience. On the MENTOR website, one of their previous student attendees has said “Thank you for the valuable information and relationships that will last a lifetime.”
According to the MENTOR website, they will only be accepting 80 students for this event so be sure to apply quickly. Also, there is one requirement for applying to Hau MENTOR, and that is that you have to watch an informational meeting that is about 7 minutes long. By clicking this link, you can watch the video fill out your only requirement to be a part of Hau Mentor! To apply for this event please click on this link: