Fashion Trend Predictions for 2021


Image courtesy of Who What Wear

The year 2020 has been a big year for fashion, since transitioning into 2021, many predictions about 2021 fashion trends begin to arise.

Kylie McLean, The Scroll, Staff Writer

Many fashion trends happened during 2020 and helped people find out what style they like the most. Editors from Who What Wear, Insider, Instyle, and Vogue are predicting what the most popular pieces of clothing and outfits will be for the upcoming year.

Who What Wear’s editors share some fashion pieces that will be popular in 2021. Kristen Nichols, senior editor, thinks that styling Second-Skin tops will be trending, “Spotted on the S/S 21 runways at designers like Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Marine Serre, this is the piece every fashion person will be experimenting within the coming months–I guarantee it.”

Other fashion pieces that the editors think will be popular are utility vests, bubblegum pink, tiny tie details, loose trousers, microscopic miniskirts, long necklaces, checkerboard prints, built in G-strings, and knit polos.

Three professional stylists that also have predictions for this year gave their feedback to Insider. Patrick Kenger, the senior personal stylist with Pivot Image Consulting said, “‘We’re starting to see retailers move from older, tight-fitting styles to a more loose and relaxed fit,’” he said in Insider’s article. Lots of popular fashion pieces will expand to be looser and more flowy.
There are eleven other fashion projections Insider gathered from the stylists. These include high-waisted pants, statement sleeves, chunkier soles and wide heels expanding to less casual footwear, wider and looser cut tops and dresses, Earthy colors, pink pieces, shackets, knit and ribbed fabrics, flatforms, and velour tracksuits.

Instyle also put together some fashion pieces that they believe will be a big hit in 2021. They stated, “However, if part of your New Year’s resolution was to get dressed more often and keep up with the latest looks, we feel you. And luckily, there’s good news: 2021’s best fashion trends won’t cost you a dime.” Some of these items are already in people’s closets which makes it easier to style outfits.

Thrifting has also been a huge trend. Shondaland comments, “Thrift shopping has been labeled by some as one of the hottest trends of 2020, with the fashion crowd touting the creativity, sustainability and uniqueness of secondhand goods.” Thrift World predicts the thrifting trends for 2021 are are loose pants, statement collars, ‘90s and ‘00s brands, regency fashion, upcycled fashion, and shopping sustainably.

The list Instyle put together includes belts with a mid-section buckle, the black and white color combo, bright colors to show a pop to your outfit, matching sets, voluminous sleeves and shoulders, chunk flat shoes, maxis, checkerboard pattern, vests, and oversized pants.

Vogue shared some of their essential trends from the fashion week’s spring 2021 season. They stated that power pants are the way to go this year, “Spending eight hours a day on a Zoom call requires much more than just a fun top. A comfortable chair is a good place to start, but also necessary are easy-to-wear pants that allow for a wide range of motion.” Their article also includes, stylish sweatsuits, everyday exuberance, Second Skins, sharp shoulders, serene tunics, dainty day dresses, and surface interest.

These fashion trend predictions for 2021 can be explored by many people interested in keeping their outfits trendy and chic. Some new pieces are making an appearance this year and some fashion items are being modified to keep the look up to date. Changing or adding to your style can be a good example of self expression for this new year.