Super Bowl LV


Image Courtesy of Marca

Super Bowl LV is set to be a face off between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carter White, Editor

It’s here, it’s almost over, only two teams remaining, one shall remain supreme. The Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Raymond James Stadium located in Tampa Bay, Florida. This is the first time in the National Football League (NFL) history that The Super Bowl has had a team play in their own stadium. 

This will be the 10th Super Bowl appearance for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. If he wins this game, it will be his 7th Super Bowl Championship ring. If Tom Brady would win he would have more Super Bowl rings than any other NFL franchise. 

However,  the reigning Super Bowl champions, The Kansas City Chiefs, have a great possibility to win back to back championships. What is more important, a great offense against a great defense, on February 7th it shall be known.

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best offenses statistically finishing 1st in total yards this year, if not the best offense in the league. But the Buccaneers have the 9th ranked in total yards against, with yards against this team. Patrick Mahomes, the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, finished 2nd in passing yards with only 15 games and finished 3rd in passing touchdowns.

Sebastian Dallaire, Saugus High School student and athlete said, “the Kansas City Chiefs will be taking the Lombardi Home”. 

During the halftime of The Super Bowl The Weekend will be performing in Tampa Bay. Also The Weekend spent around 7 million dollars himself to make The Super Bowl what he wants it to be.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished 11th in total offensive yards and 9th in total yards against, this means they are a very good and balanced team. The Chiefs defense finished 15th in total yards against. The Kansas City Chiefs high power offense against the balanced Tampa Bay Buccaneers who will come out on top. This game will hopefully go down as one of the greatest games in the history books.