How to be Active in Santa Clarita


Image Courtesy of SCVNews

There a number of ways to be more active in Santa Clarita

Maddie Del Rio, The Scroll, Wellness Editor

As students in high school mature and prepare to become independent adults, students are able search for ways to make a difference in their community and let their voices be heard. In Santa Clarita, there are numerous different ways to be active and voice opinions. There are also many opportunities to help Santa Clarita become a cleaner, safer, better place. Students should consider getting involved in Santa Clarita so that their local community might be changed for the better.

One way to be active in Santa Clarita includes joining and speaking at Santa Clarita council meetings on Zoom! Each participant has three minutes to speak and address problems that need to be solved in the community. Visit, click “city hall”, and then click “public meeting notices” to find a list of upcoming meetings. When a meeting approaches, a “request to speak” form will be opened and one can sign up at Ten people will speak in public participation at the beginning of the meeting and the rest will speak at the end. The later one signs up, the later that individual will speak. The ability to sign up ends thirty minutes before the meeting begins and the zoom code and password will be posted as each meeting approaches.

Quynn Lubs, a previous participant in these council meetings offered advice for speaking in these zoom calls, “I recommend you write down what you plan to say and practice with a timer to ensure it is under three minutes. If you end up speaking at the end of the meeting, you may wish to take notes as the meeting goes on, such as things council members say that you may want to address in your 3 minute statement. Writing down your statement beforehand helps with nervousness tremendously.” Lubs also suggested helpful tips such as speaking loudly and clearly, avoiding speaking too quickly, avoiding swearing, but not holding back anger because it shows emotion and an urgent demand for change. Speaking at Santa Clarita council meetings is an easy yet strong way to share opinions and hopefully make a difference in the community.

While being active in Santa Clarita includes identifying problems and offering solutions, it also includes participating in community service. One way to easily make Santa Clarita cleaner and safer is by picking up trash at Castaic Lake. To serve those in need, individuals can donate money or food to local charities such as the Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry and Children’s Hunger Fund by visiting their websites. Go to and push “how to help” and “donate today”,  or and push “give”.

Students are also able to participate in community service at non-profit organizations such as The Forever Home Pet Rescue. Saving Little Strays Rescue, Maravilla Foundation, Bridge to Home and Shelter Hope Pet Shop, are just a few of the many other foundations students could volunteer at. To volunteer in these ways, simply visit the organization’s website and contact them for further information if needed. Individuals could simply donate clothes and money to Goodwill to help out the community and those in need. Whether it’s small donations or volunteering for an organization, there are countless ways for students to get involved and make a difference in society.

“Helping in the community benefits others,” Ryan Vasquez expressed as she described the significance of being active in Santa Clarita. “You never know who is going through a hard time, and volunteering and being active in the community can help make someone happy. It feels good to help out!”

One can aid Santa Clarita in both small and major ways, but either way is a selfless act that will boost positivity and kindness in society. Serving others obviously benefits those who are being served, but the one performing the act of kindness also reaps profit as improving the lives of others gives one satisfaction and joy.

In essence, there are many ways to give back to the community. If there are problems observed that need solutions in Santa Clarita, students are able to voice their concerns and offer solutions at council meetings. Picking up trash at Castaic lake, donating to non-profit organizations, and participating in other forms of community service, are also ways to be active in Santa Clarita. As students prepare to become independent adults, getting involved in society is crucial. Making a difference in Santa Clarita is a great way for students to make a powerful, positive impact on the community.