Common Cents Club Spotlight


From Common Cents Instagram

The Common Cents club is dedicated to helping students around campus.

Marianne Meadows, Staff Writer

Common Cents is a club at Saugus that focuses on helping freshmen transition into high school smoothly and effectively. Common Cents holds Q&A sessions, social events,  and study sessions to help freshmen get acclimated to the high school environment.

Senior Isabella Eng, one of the Common Cents officers shared her thoughts, as well as some information about Common Cents’ history. Eng stated,Common Cents isn’t just about allowing the freshmen to feel more comfortable at Saugus; it’s also about building a community between the upperclassmen and the freshmen! Each student brings something to the table that the opposite can learn from. I really enjoy helping other people and I also genuinely enjoy helping kids.”

She continued, “And though freshmen may not see themselves as ‘kids,’ as a senior I can reflect on how much personal growth someone goes through as they change over time. I think that they can learn how to network and speak in front of others, and I also think it’s a wonderful community service opportunity!” Eng concludes her thoughts on how beneficial Common Cents can be for students by stating what inspired her to join: “When I was a freshman I thought Cocoa and Cram was very helpful, and a friend of mine who was a junior at the time told me that I should join when I became a sophomore, so I did!”

Renee De Villa, another Common Cents officer explained her experience, “Common cents is a great inclusive club that helps welcome all new incoming students and encourages them to get involved on campus. We just gain essential leadership experience, pushing me out of my comfort zone to connect with others who may not have anyone else to talk to.”

 De Villa shared what inspired her to join Common Cents, “I joined right after finishing my freshman year and I just wanted to find a way to connect and help other students, and common cents allowed me to do that.” 

Common Cents is a play on the words “common sense” to best relate to Saugus Centurions. “Panels are held for freshmen, we host freshmen orientation, and we have also done virtual video outreaches for the freshmen,” Eng explains. Freshman Immersion Day, finals review sessions (Cocoa/Lemonade and Cram), Student Q&A Panels where students can ask older students for help, advice, or about the high school experience, Freshman Mixer are all events held by Common Cents. Common Cents has been helping to induct freshmen for at least five years.

Whether you need help studying for a test or want to make some friends, Common Cents is there to help. At the beginning of each year, Common Cents holds a Q&A panel to introduce students to Saugus and allow them to ask any questions they may have.

 If you are considering joining, you must be at least a sophomore, if you have any questions, please contact: Isabella Eng- [email protected]rg 

Alia Espinoza- [email protected]

 Renee Tiffany De Villa- [email protected].